Occupation Beauty and the Beast: Belle • Beast • Lumiere • Cogsworth • Mrs. Potts • Chip • Maurice • Philippe • Gaston • LeFou Elena of Avalor: ElenaEnchanted: Giselle Anna celebrates the return of summer to Arendelle with her sister, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven, alongside Sora, Donald, and Goofy, before the trio set off on their next adventure. Horrified by what she's done, Elsa flees the ballroom. Anna makes an appearance in the Frozen segment in Once Upon a Time at the Magic Kingdom. Since 2013, the two sisters have become some of Disney's most popular original characters. Anna is funny, feisty and adventurous. Patti Murin as Anna in the Frozen musical. Nevertheless, Elsa assures she's fine, and the day continues. Sometimes, after the show, she, Kristoff, Elsa, and the Historians will perform little meet-and-greet sessions for special occasions. After Sora relates Anna's plight to his own past regarding Riku when he stayed behind with King Mickey Mouse to ensure the locking of Kingdom Hearts after defeating Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Sora helps Anna and Kristoff with finding Olaf's parts as they had been scattered again. One Hundred and One Dalmatians: Cruella De Vil • Lucky • Patch • Rolly With no family left besides her sister, Anna made another attempt to reconnect with Elsa to no response. Alliance of Women Film Journalists Award for Best Animated Female of 2013 Following the purchase of her winter gear, she seemed entirely unaffected by the weather and only fell into the danger of freezing to death due to the frozen curse accidentally placed upon her heart by Elsa in the midst of her journey, as its power froze the princess from the inside out. When she reunites with Elsa, Anna instead lied about her discovery, claiming their parents didn't find what they seek when they traveled to the Enchanted Forest. He is currently attending the University At Buffalo for a Bachelor's in Film Studies and has been studying film independently for years. When in warm weather, Anna wears outfits which look similar to her winter outfit, but with green coloring. Under his command, a search party is set out. As part of the plan, Anna was returned to the dungeon cell, where she'll ambush Ingrid when she comes to check up on her. Anna's most valued asset and the true object of her affection is her relationship with her sister. Mulan: Mulan • Mushu • Cri-Kee • Ping • Shan Yu Devastated, Elsa breaks down in tears, which ends the whiteout. The sisters both treasured the artwork because it reminded them of their childhood and of how much they loved each other, leading Olaf to realize that he is their tradition. With neither sister realizing the danger, Anna continues with her persistence, but Elsa remains firm on her decision and orders Anna to leave for her own safety. Season Three: "The Heart of the Truest Believer" • "Lost Girl" • "Quite a Common Fairy" • "Nasty Habits" • "Good Form" • "Ariel" • "Dark Hollow" • "Think Lovely Thoughts" • "Save Henry" • "The New Neverland" • "Going Home" • "New York City Serenade" • "Witch Hunt" • "The Tower" • "Quiet Minds" • "It's Not Easy Being Green" • "The Jolly Roger" • "Bleeding Through" • "A Curious Thing" • "Kansas" • "Snow Drifts" • "There's No Place Like Home" Feeling rejected, Anna excuses herself from the party. Upon entering a grove, they encounter an enchanted snowman created by Elsa. Kristoff is elated to the point of wanting to kiss Anna, though he quickly regrets admitting as much. She can currently be seen in the final segments of Mickey and the Wondrous Book. The shockwave caused by her curse knocks Hans off his feet. She was also able to outmaneuver the Earth Giants, although she was nearly crushed before being rescued by Kristoff. Enemies Überquere die Brücke zum Schloss Arendelle und sieh dir all die coolen Dinge im Schloss an. Anna is given several new songs, most of which are duets. Unfortunately, Ingrid was onto their scheme, and Anna now found herself in chains and trapped in the cell with her. Alignment She also uses a shovel for melee combat. Anna finds a love interest in Kristoff. The cynical Kristoff calls Anna out, finding it ridiculous that she became engaged to someone she met that day. In the Twisted Tales story Conceal Don't Feel, in which Elsa tries to stop Grand Pabbie from erasing Anna's memory of her sisters magic ends up cursing herself and Anna. In Ralph Breaks the Internet, Anna is a netizen who lives and works in Oh My Disney as a cast member where she and the other Disney princesses meet and greet their fans. In the game's credits, Anna and Kristoff are sledding down the mountain before Elsa provides them an ice ramp to land safely. In the beginning of the sequel, Anna wears a beige gown with kitten heels. Isolation, rudeness, betrayals, freezing cold weather, Elsa shutting her out, embarrassing herself, heights, losing loved ones, sharing chocolate In frühen Stadien der Filmproduktion war Annas Rolle völlig anders als die im endgültigen Film. While in the castle's east wing preparing for her wedding with Kristoff, Anna discovers a portrait of Ingrid, Helga, and Gerda, which she places in the great hall. Pinocchio: Jiminy Cricket • Pinocchio • Blue Fairy • Figaro Christmas: Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade. Vanellope explains that she is also a princess, which surprises Anna and prompts Pocahontas to ask what kind of princess she is. Anna and Elsa's story isn't about finding their spouses, but rather about finding each other. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Her revival and confession of love for Elsa lead to the show's finale. After reading the letter and seeing the good memories of her and her sisters, Ingrid realized that Anna is right and begins to regret her action. elena of avalor. Both series: Storybrooke • Maine • Enchanted Forest • Forbidden Fortress • Wonderland • Wonderland Maze • Agrabah • Sherwood Forest • The Sultan's Palace, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Vorpal Blade The first is "A Little Bit of You", sung by herself and Elsa as children when they create Olaf. Prince Hans, Marshmallow (formerly), Erik and Francis, Wolves, Gale (formerly), Bruni (formerly), Earth Giants (formerly), The Nokk (formerly), King Runeard Frozen FeverThe Art of Keeping CoolOlaf's Frozen AdventureOnce Upon a Snowman Other Characters: Jiminy Cricket • Ansem the Wise/DiZ • Yen Sid • Master Eraqus • Dilan • Even • Aeleus • Ienzo • Lingering Will • Hayner • Pence • Olette • Kairi's Grandma • Riku Replica • Jiminy's Journal • Foretellers • Master of Masters • Luxu • Ephemer • Skuld • Chirithy • Lauriam • Elrena To celebrate the occasion, the windows, doors, and gates of the castle were opened for the first time in years. Honors and awards Finding Nemo/Finding Dory: Nemo • Dory • Hank • Crush • Bruce • Baby Dory • Destiny • Bailey • Pearl Anna has the ability to use the Climbing Hook, which is similar to Mrs. There, Anna learns that the white streak in her hair is actually from a nearly-fatal accident caused by Elsa, rather than something she was born with. Deleted: Love Can't Be Denied • We Know Better • Spring Pageant • More Than Just the Spare • You're You • Life's Too Short • Reindeer(s) Remix • When Everything Falls Apart • Resolution • Home • I Seek the Truth • Unmeltable Me • Get This Right • See the Sky, Other Princesses: Eilonwy • Melody • Kida Nedakh • Ting-Ting, Su, and Mei • Kilala Reno • Kairi • Princess of Gentlehaven • Vanellope von Schweetz • Sofia • Elena • Anna • Elsa King Runeard † (paternal grandfather)Queen Rita † (paternal grandmother)[1]Unnamed maternal grandmother †King Agnarr † (father)Queen Iduna † (mother)Elsa (older sister)Kristoff (fiancé) Disney Characters introduced in Dream Drop Distance: Quasimodo • Esmeralda • Phoebus • Judge Claude Frollo • Victor, Hugo, and Laverne • Kevin Flynn • Sam Flynn • Quorra • CLU • Rinzler • Black Guards • Blue Fairy • Beagle Boys • Chernabog's Minions • Julius Anna and Elsa fit most of these standards, but they're not officially Disney Princesses (via Disney). After the Heartless is slain, Sora sees Elsa weeping over Anna's frozen body, but Anna's sacrifice to save her sister constituted an "act of true love", thawing her heart and restoring her to flesh and blood. Likes Fantasia: Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey • Yen Sid After Elsa and Kristoff walk into the portal, Anna starts to follow but stops to ask the three that she wanted to thank Hook and Gold, until she curiously asks about Mr. Gold's identity when he was still living in the Enchanted Forest. They were generic princess products,\" he mused. level 2 dcb720 When Anna refuses, Elsa creates a hulking snowman to forcibly remove Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf from the palace. Within the castle, Anna oversleeps but is soon awakened by an elated Elsa. Prior to the construction of the Royal Sommerhus at Epcot, she and Elsa had actually been moved between several temporary meet-and-greet locations around Walt Disney World. He has also delved into the tedious world of stop-motion animation, putting together a handful of short films. In Kingdom Hearts III, Anna appears in her homeworld of "Arendelle". A group shot of the princesses with Anna, Elsa. The Little Mermaid: Ariel • Flounder • Sebastian • Ursula • King Triton • Prince Eric If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. Having the people take the day off from planning a huge event which allows them to feel refreshed and work twice as hard the next day. While excited over celebrating her birthday with Elsa, she spends the day more worried over Elsa's health and pushes her to rest, caring more about Elsa's health than her birthday highlighting her selflessness, especially after her sister almost falls off the clock tower. Peter Pan: Tinker Bell • Peter Pan • Captain Hook • Wendy • Nana • Smee Believing they will die, Anna begins reciting her marriage vows to Kristoff, though he insists they won't be married until they are out of danger. Elsa used her powers to change this dress by adding sunflowers to her bun and skirt using crystalline ice and creating a hidden ice petticoat to make the skirt more voluminous. Nope, sadly Elsa and Anna are not in the Disney princess franchise. They have achieved an immortal status in modern culture. Mit dem einzigartigen LEGO® | Disney Set „Annas und Elsas Märchenbuch“ (43175) können Kinder das Leben auf Schloss Arendelle nachstellen. Disney theorists assume that the reason is marketability; because Frozen was such a smashing success, Disney considers Elsa and Anna keystones of a separate, parallel Frozen franchise. Kristen BellLivvy Stubenrauch (child; speaking; Frozen)Katie Lopez (child; singing; Frozen)Agatha Lee Monn (9 years old; singing; Frozen)Hadley Gannaway (child; Frozen II) Moana is counted as a Disney princess as well (even though she states she isn’t) for being the daughter of a chief, so the role is similar. Horrified, Elsa calls their parents, King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, for help. The Incredibles: Mr. Green and magenta represent spring and summer as well as her cheerful and optimistic personality. They cannot debut in a sequel and must be a main character from the start. In the animated short, it is Anna's 19th birthday, and Elsa has plans to make it absolutely perfect in hopes of rectifying the hardened past the sisters were forced to endure. A model of one of Anna's earlier designs by Chad Stubblefield. Although some may argue that these were kickstarted by adrenaline, examples are: Throwing climbing equipment at Kristoff with enough force to inflict pain with no effort. Quote Elsa reigns over Arendelle for three years before abdicating the crown, taking the mantle of the Snow Queen. Season Four: Anna • Kristoff • Hans • Grand Pabbie • Sven • Ursula the Sea Witch • Marshmallow • Little Bo Peep • The Apprentice • Ingrid • Lily Page • Colette • Oaken • King of Arendelle • Queen Gerda • Cruella De Vil • Poseidon • Duke of Weselton • Hans' Brothers • Chernabog • King Stefan • Isaac/The Author • Madeline • Merlin/The Sorcerer Season Six: "The Savior" • "A Bitter Draught" • "The Other Shoe" • "Strange Case" • "Street Rats" • "Dark Waters" • "Heartless" • "I'll Be Your Mirror" • "Changelings" • "Wish You Were Here" • "Tougher Than the Rest" • "Murder Most Foul • "Ill-Boding Patterns" • "Page 23" • "A Wondrous Place" • "Mother's Little Helper" • "Awake" • "Where Bluebirds Fly" • "The Black Fairy" • "The Song in Your Heart" • "The Final Battle" Later, in "The Secret Library: Olaf and the Tale of Miss Nettle", Olaf is summoned by the Amulet of Avalor, due to the powers of Miss Nettle. She is based off of Gerda from the classic fairy tale, The Snow Queen, by Hans Christen Andersen. 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This is also supported by the fact that Elsa and Anna were both required to lift the curse, Elsa by discovering the truth and Anna by getting the earth giants to destroy the dam. When their estrangement incidentally triggered an eternal winter, Anna embarked on a perilous journey to save her kingdom and mend the broken bond between herself and her sister. In the Disney film adaptation, Anna is depicted as the princess of Arendelle, a fictional Scandinavian kingdom, and the younger sister of Princess Elsa (Idina Menzel), who is the heiress to the throne and possesses the elemental ability to create and control ice and snow. Guardians of the Galaxy: Star-Lord • Gamora • Rocket Raccoon • Groot • Drax Elsa manages to escape into the fjords and unknowingly places a curse that traps Arendelle in an eternal winter. Anna relies on these traits to carry her through her hardships, and though she still faces overwhelming struggle, her buoyant mentality ultimately led to the restoration of both her kingdom's welfare, and the relationship with her sister. During which, Anna falls in love with Hans, and the night ends with a proposal from Hans. Anna's winter outfit shares uncanny similarities with Elsa's coronation gown, perhaps symbolically marking how she has gained maturity: Adorned bodice with a V-shaped waistline (black on Anna, and teal on Elsa). Hello, I'm PrueFever, a 32 years old guy from Denmark and a Major Disney Fan! After one last look at Kristoff, Anna sacrifices herself by lunging in between Elsa and Hans and blocking the latter's blow just as her body freezes solid, killing her. Neither character is trying to go to extravagant balls or seems interested in wearing fancy dresses. Mary Poppins: Mary Poppins • Bert, Matterhorn Bobsleds: Abominable Snowman Home While in the first movie Anna had difficulty climbing she was shown to be able to climb well in the sequel. To this, Anna reveals Rumplestiltskin lied about not knowing her or Elsa and tells them that she knows of him from their past encounter; causing Emma to suspect Mr. Gold has not changed and has ulterior motives. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: Mr. Toad Upon arriving at the palace, Anna is stunned by the sheer beauty of Elsa's powers. She also assures Elsa that she hasn't ruined her birthday, but also states that taking care of Elsa is the "best birthday present ever". Anna deserves to be a Disney Princess because she has all the royal qualifications — talent, beauty, kindness, and courage. The Aristocats: Marie In Anna's summer attire, her hair is once again braided in pigtails without her streak. Given Anna's hyperactivity, impulsivity, and short attention span, she may have. Hocus Pocus: Winifred Sanderson • Mary Sanderson • Sarah Sanderson • Binx Fortunately, Anna's sacrifice for Elsa has constituted an act of true love, thus breaking her curse and thawing her frozen heart. Anna is dragged onto the dance floor, where she is subjected to the Duke's over-the-top dance skills, much to Elsa's amusement. In during which, they meet the player, who had been brought to Arendelle by Olaf. FrozenFrozen IIRalph Breaks the Internet Joined by Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, the sisters indulge themselves in a kingdom-wide celebration honoring their reunion and a new era for Arendelle. At an unknown amount of time later, Arendelle has been reclaimed by the two sisters and Hans is dethroned; Anna even got her hand bruised from punching Hans in the face. She pleads for a "true love's kiss", but Hans refuses, revealing that he never really loved Anna. Pocahontas: Pocahontas • John Smith • Meeko • Flit • Percy Anna tries to stop him, but Hans locks her inside the room and leaves her to die. Their bond as sisters drives them, convincingly moving the film forward. Once fully dressed, Elsa leads Anna throughout the castle and kingdom, following a trail of string with various checkpoints leading to several gifts: a clock, flowers, a bracelet, a fishing pole and more. At the Princess Fairytale Hall, she started doing meet and greet sessions separately from Elsa. Cinderella: Cinderella • Fairy Godmother • Gus • Prince Charming • Jaq • Lucifer • Anastasia • Drizella • Lady Tremaine Young girls can look up to them and feel inspired by Elsa's independence or Anna's compassion. Allies Both regal women have what it takes to be Disney Princesses. Elsa on the other hand is very elegant, mature, and reserved. The Sword in the Stone: Wart • Merlin, A Bug's Life: Flik • Dot • Heimlich With the wedding now in full swing, Elsa helps Anna walk down the aisle. Mach dann im Schlafzimmer ein kleines Nickerchen. While trying to find a way out, Anna and Olaf are greeted by an ice sculpture created by Elsa, which depicts their grandfather, King Runeard, attacking the unarmed Northuldra leader. With the gates open, and Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf by her side, Anna feels that she is no longer alone. To commemorate the occasion and "ring in the season", Anna and Elsa plan a surprise Christmas party for Arendelle's people, though the two sisters soon come to realize that their own family lacks traditions. Following this Elsa cancels the tour deciding that she and Anna need to stay to rule Arendelle together. The novel A Frozen Heart delves into the internal thoughts of both Anna and Hans, during the course of the original film, specifically pertaining to their overall relationship, in addition to their backstories and motivations. Before Sora can celebrate with the sisters, he is intercepted by Larxene, who is surprised that Anna's love for Elsa filled both of their hearts with light. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow White • Evil Queen • Doc • Grumpy • Happy • Bashful • Sneezy • Sleepy • Dopey