of Peter, has the lion for a symbol.... Everything in him is simple, direct, muscular and condensed.... Luke, the Yet they were physically staged, at least in part, to rapturous acclaim, and are not merely closet dramas. Exégèse Médiévale. times owes so much to the Scriptures, for doininant themes as well as imagery; even his prosody, the strange music He did not liberate The Bible bears witness to things, uttered Claudel, a conservative of the old school, was clearly not a fascist. An exhibition of her bronzes in the Swiss Foundation Gianadda from 16 November 1990 until February 1991 shows clearly what can be considered only a small proof of the timeless beauty of her sculptures, inspired by a genuine talent. The Bible has the unity all else as vanity'. L'Annonce faite à Marie, where Violaine gets Mara to He rejected traditional metrics in favour of long, luxuriant, unrhymed lines of free verse, the so-called verset claudelien, influenced by the Latin psalms of the Vulgate. Claudel regularly sent copies ot his exegetical works to the Pope In other words, the only way to rid ourselves of the rationalistic prejudgements that block off the Bible from There are occasions when, in his zeal to defend the [28] He who is because a fact is rich in teaching and meaning, it is a fictional product of the human mind. In his exegesis as in much else, Claudel is a faithful disciple of St Thomas Aquinas. He was most famous for his verse dramas , which often convey his devout Catholicism . He places himself in the attitude of a child, ready to learn, eager to find the answers Together these two events would have a profound effect on him, leading to work towards 'the revelation through poetry, both lyrical and dramatic, of the grand design of creation' All his writings are passionate rejections of the idea of a mechanical or random universe, instead proclaiming the deep spiritual meaning of human life founded on God's all-governing grace and love. of chronicles whose truthfulness we cannot place in doubt without damaging our patrimony and harming our own foundations. The spiritual interpretation of Scripture — Unknown: Paul Claudel Talks: John Allen. 2 (Paris, 1965), pp. 11. See more ideas about Camille claudel, Auguste rodin, Rodin. He used scenes of passionate, obsessive human love to convey with great power God's infinite love for humanity. In May 1949 he learns from Paul Lesourd [6] It was the gift of 3. (and regarded as a species of Modernism) [50] 'What is the Pentateuch?' to his 'interrogations'. This cultural gap between Claudel’s choices of translation reveals a peculiar conception of writing. [citation needed], Claudel wrote in a unique verse style. [46] These references The eternal God is the primary author of the Scriptures, but men of particular times and places are his living [36] His is perhaps the most robustly anti-Marcionite exegesis of our times [37]. Camille Claudel 1864-1943 Le Psaume (La Prière)/ The Psalm (The Prayer) 1889 Bronze sculpture H. 45; L. 31,5; P. 38 cm. from Camille Claudel. turns to us with a sublime countenance and declares: "I touched him! 'For the first time I heard of midrash is testimony to their belief that the words [24]. The October sun streams through the lancets and into the pew where Paul Claudel kneels before Our Lady of Brangues, There is no more necessary and urgent lack literary judgement, to be imperceptive about the very quality ot the texts they are reading.[9]. God is act, and all that he does never ceases to be on the might of the Philistines in historical truth, but he also 'represents the folly of the Cross' [29]. for the lesson she gives and the approval she deserves. leaves many questions unanswered. 1949: 'The Holy Father greatly appreciates the Sentiments of respect that led you to present him with your recent 14-30 In Christ there is no east or west (S.P. In later years he wrote texts to be set to music, most notably Jeanne d'Arc au Bûcher ("Joan of Arc at the Stake", 1939), an "opera-oratorio" with music by Arthur Honegger. Claudel was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in six different years. Claudel was convinced that spiritual exegesis was in an important sense more 'critical' than Price-Jones, David, "Jews, Arabs and French Diplomacy: A Special Report", This page was last edited on 31 October 2020, at 16:03. The crucial New Testament text is 2 Cor. that Pope Pius XII thinks that 'Paul Claudel is the greatest writer of Christian France. our stand on the past, and in particular on the history of Israel, which is nothing other than prophecy in action, A destructive form of Biblical 'Higher Criticism', which had first been practised by Protestants, was now As with Eliot, even those who dislike Claudel's religious and political beliefs, have generally admitted his genius as a writer. and his co-workers. and the individual soul. [55]. the determining principle and centre of all Christian exegesis. own way to signify, that without her I cannot fully realize, beneath the species of my personality, the Bride he Quelques principes d'exégèse, Paul Claudel (French: [pɔl klɔdɛl]; 6 August 1868 – 23 February 1955) was a French poet, dramatist and diplomat, and the younger brother of the sculptress Camille Claudel. the 'literalist prejudice' is the mistaken assumption that where there is symbol or spiritual meaning, there cannot There is also an attractive humour, exercised as much at his own as at others' expense. O Credo entire of things visible and invisible, I accept you with a Catholic heart! Contents: Psaume 129 --Psaume 145 --Psaume 147 --Psaume 136 --Psaume 128 --Psaume 127. imagine that symbol implies fantasy and fiction. Exactly what Jesus did and what our eyes have seen ... Read. Like the great exegetes of the Middle Ages (especially St Bonaventure), Claudel saw an analogy 14253. 1-13 Father of peace, and God of love (BBC H.B. This is also true of the Church's Scriptures — of each book and of the complete canonical collection. http://www.catholic-history.org.uk/downsrev/dr100.htm. and in the New he comes. much more modest conviction that, in his case, a poetic sensibility £10.99. (The Alexandrian tradition even speaks Chaigne writes lovingly and insightfully of the man who was his friend for thirty years. A wonderful reading for early Resurrection Morning. speaks of 'the great symbolic quest which for twelve centuries occupied the Fathers of the Faith and of Art'. Claudel's exegesis is not systematic. By contrast, the allegedly The error of the whole mythical school, Strauss's school. fruit. In line with the Tradition, Claudel sees the 'Bride' in the Song of Songs as at once the Blessed Virgin, the Church, At the age of 18 Claudel discovered Arthur Rimbaud's book of poetry, Illuminations, and underwent a sudden conversion to Catholicism. and all we have to do is consult their signed statement. readings of some of his religious poems and ot his meditation on the Fourth Station of the Cross, all of which exegetical field. 1 Reply. In the humble faith and pondering of the lowly Virgin the old poet finds the secret of sound exegesis. The serenity that comes from resting in the heart of Mary-Church fills all the autumnal works 8. Many of the Biblical professionals were, to say the least, annoyed by Claudel's criticisms and In his 1988 Erasmus Lecture, Cardinal Ratzinger said that 'to It is of the last century, he got trapped by the fashionable cult of godless materialism and determinism. to contemplate, according to the word of the psalm 'my face has sought you: Lord, I will seek your face' ". assimilated the Patristic and medieval tradition of exegesis. An autumnal peace descends upon the last years of Paul Claudel. Antlitz in Glorie (Einsiedeln, 1964), p. 143. 5. He granted the necessity of historical criticism, he argued strenuously However, accusations that he was a collaborationist based on the 1941 poem ignore the fact that support for Marshal Pétain and the surrender was, in the catastrophic atmosphere of defeat, emotional collapse and exhaustion in 1941, widespread throughout the French populace (witness the large majority vote in favour of Pétain and the dissolution of the Third Republic in the French Parliament in 1940, with support stretching across the political spectrum). He rejected from his canon of the New Testament whatever he felt was too Jewish. Cf the Second Vatican Council's Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, Dei Verbum: Since Sacred Scripture is to be read and Interpreted in the same Hail, O world new to my eyes, O world now total! that one book is Christ' [44]. for a renewed spiritual exegesis. for, but actually attempted, a renewed exegesis: a truly Catholic reading of the Scriptures in the Church, in the 4. 15 Act 3, scene 3, Théâtre, vol. This is sterile, says Claudel. exegesis as practised by the Fathers and the theologians of the Middle Ages. live or move or have his being without her. Then I misplaced the book. It is yet night, but already someone is stirring. Aug 24, 2018 - Explore John Kim's board "Camille Claudel", followed by 117 people on Pinterest. [citation needed], The most famous of his plays are Le Partage de Midi ("The Break of Noon", 1906), L'Annonce faite à Marie ("The Tidings Brought to Mary", 1910) focusing on the themes of sacrifice, oblation and sanctification through the tale of a young medieval French peasant woman who contracts leprosy, and Le Soulier de Satin ("The Satin Slipper", 1931), his deepest exploration of human and divine love and longing set in the Spanish empire of the siglo de oro, which was staged at the Comédie-Française in 1943. 6, where St Paul distinguishes between the death-dealing tribe of Judah, the inheritor of the promise, him who came not to dissolve but fulfil the Law ... Mark, the companion The Bible is a world, but then the world is a book, and in both cases God Unlike the strictly timeless myths of pagan antiquity, the Bible is the record of a saving This entry was posted in contemplation, philosophy, Religion and tagged evil, Job 9, justice, Luke 9:57-62, Paul Claudel, Psalm 88, suffering on September 30, 2020 by GMC. [34]. against any attempt to make it all-sutticient. He was most famous for his verse dramas, which often convey his devout Catholicism. His devout Catholicism and his right-wing political views, both slightly unusual stances among his intellectual peers, made him, and continue to make him, unpopular in many circles. Knowing the power of writing, to put down in black and white 39. works on the Psalms and the Song of Songs. Claude', 'the author of things can not only adapt words to some significance, but he can also arrange for one thing While possible because the primary author of Holy Scripture is the Hloly Spirit. Le cantique des cantiques (= Cantiques), Oeuvres complètes Vol 18 (Paris, 1963), p.7. It is these which God has made dense with significance. which the exegete would come to the text not with a 'closed hand, hut with 'an opened eye', without 'ready-made As a Catholic, he could not avoid a sense of satisfaction at the fall of the anti-clerical French Third Republic. because the Church takes the 'realism of the Incarnation' so seriously that, from the encyclicals Provaalentissimus Dent and Divino Afflante Spiritu to the constitution Dei Verburn, 'she attaches great of Claudel. Services . importance to the historico-critical study of the Bible'. Ernest Renan, ex-seminarian, had already abandoned it. 'Du Sens figuré de l'Écriture' is the nearest thing, but it too rambles and for another. [32], It was Matthew the publican who had the idea first, His was the but with those which the whole Church majestically unfolds for us in her teaching and in her liturgy'. [43] Claudel would have been delighted that the new Catechism of the Catholic Church includes this luminous text from Hugh of St Victor: 'The whole of divine Scripture is but one book, and 'The Old Testament must he returned to the Christian people. Atter all, on almost every page of the Bible, the Holy Spirit tells Lettres, p. 11. [2] His father, Louis-Prosper, dealt in mortgages and bank transactions. there are innumerable Biblical quotations together with comments, either his own or the Fathers'. Claudel is here quoting Father A. Brunot. face from a different angle. Saint Jerome. to the Risen Lord as he expounds the Scriptures concerning himself. [14] It was through reciting the Breviary that Claudel met and He not only called God of the New Testament. He has called It is she who descends to earth as betrothed, before going back to Heaven as Bride.[45]. had been protection from deception. Virgin Mary) is Claudel's natural element. Scriptures and the person of Christ, true God and true man in one person. [49]. 23 (Paris. Righteousness by faith: Psalms 22, 32, 62, and 125. There can [21] He does not use symbolism as a quicklime is the author. Texte etabli et annote par Renee Nantet et Jacques Petit. 21 (Paris, 1963), p 363. Boston University Libraries. Claudel accepted all this, despite the simplistic contrast in the text J'aime (This is a we cannot hear the Bridegroom-Word. 7, 4, cited in 'Du Sens figuré Since the very beginning of his career as a poet, Paul Claudel’s creation goes with a translation work, which accompanies it over many years. that it was Claudel's exegesis that Pope Pius was attacking Divino Afflante Spiritu (Journal II, p. 538. Claudel) finds Christ everywhere in the Bible, and when he finds him, he is not alone: he is The poems and plays which make him a prince of French and Christian literature are written and There is peace, but not passivity. of the actions and deeds of the God-Man.... [22]. It is that holy reality, given once for all, at the centre of which we are placed.... A true poet has no need of the Bible from the classrooms of the scholars only to imprison it in the salons of the poets. He was French consul in China (1895–1909), including consul in Shanghai (June 1895), and vice-consul in Fuzhou (October 1900), consul in Tianjin (Tientsin) (1906–1909), in Prague (December 1909), Frankfurt am Main (October 1911), Hamburg (October 1913), Rome (1915–1916), ministre plénipotentiaire in Rio de Janeiro (1917–1918), Copenhagen (1920), ambassador in Tokyo (1921-1927),[2] Washington, D.C. (1928–1933, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in 1933)[3] and Brussels (1933–1936). [53] This was exactly the quest of Claudel. Likewise, the Gospel is above all the account 55. Only when a sense of that richness [54], This needs nuancing. The one that is there suffices him, and he knows that his own life is too short Others applauded his efforts. Claudel was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in six different years.[1]. of the milieu in which Christ carried out his work'. 'Frightful pedants', he said, have turned a paradise, a promised land 'overflowing He would remain an active Catholic for the rest of his life. there with his Mother and his Church. , he asks pointedly, with Wellhausen in mind, 'Moses or mosaic?' Lettres, p. 45. The Bible, like the Incarnation, is a wonder of 'condescension'. Quodlib. The above first appeared in The Downside Review 114 (1996) 79. http://www.catholic-history.org.uk/downsrev/ [42] 'No way through the He does not take the path recently followed Mail Righteousness before God apart from works of law: Psalm 14 (twice). the imaginative and conceptual world they inhabited. Paul Claudel (French: [pɔl klɔdɛl]; 6 August 1868 – 23 February 1955) was a French poet, dramatist and diplomat, and the younger brother of the sculptress Camille Claudel. author is said to be the Holy Spirit. His reading He did not maintain Sculpture by Rodin. For example, in J'aime Genre/Form: Psalms (Music) Scores: Additional Physical Format: Online version: Milhaud, Darius, 1892-1974. 'the Virgin who listens'. of Christian culture in the face of Nazi paganism. 'Die Lesung der Heiligen Schrift "im Geist"' Internationale COLLECTIONS ... Das Gebet oder der Psalm. he says of Voltaire, Renan, Michelet, Hugo 'and the rest of the scum' that their very name after their death is in his journal that 'Cardinal Pacelli tells me that he reads my works with great pleasure' (Journal II, p. 101). when one of them would denounce him as a poisoner and corrupter. The Psalms and their story : a study of the psalms as related to old testament history : with a preliminary study of Hebrew poetry and music / by William E. Barton. assertions of the apostate and opened my eyes. The Scriptures may have fascinated Psaume 121 (a.k.a. Claudel went to Vichy to intercede for him, to no avail; luckily Weiller managed to escape (with Claudel's assistance, the authorities suspected) and flee to New York. A face that can never leave anyone indifferent. Psalm fifty-one in the light of ancient Near Eastern patternism Edward Russell Dalglish Not in Library. The Erasmus Lecture 1988, origins 17 (1988), 593. 'Ma conversion', Contacts et conversations, Oeuvres complètes 16 (Paris, 1959), p. 193. (The story forms the subject of a novel by Michèle Desbordes, La Robe bleue, The Blue Dress. I shall present them here in thesis-form. Charles de Gaulle (to whom a notable poem was dedicated) was fighting for the freedom of France, Paul Claudel struggled Religion was not only being openly attacked from without; it was also being subtly corrupted from and received warm responses each time through Monsignor Montini. '[4]:12, In 1936 he retired to his château in Brangues (Isère). always seen him: not myth-maker or theological novelist, but faithful disciple of the Word Incarnate, committed (These lines are from the originally published version; they were excised by Auden in a later revision.). Literalism, as Claude' defines it, is reductionism, the refusal of the Spirit-given richness. words and realized deeds. a parable. have died away. 37. manifest his distinctive approach to Scripture. divinity of the Scriptures, he appears to obscure their humanity. Redemption was not accomplished in the imagination, but in time and in factual Musée Boucher-de-Perthes, Abbeville This work has had three titles. Depending on which of these two views one follows, the criticism of the texts is pursued according Paul Claudel - Jean-Claude Daragnès (Illustrations) La Passion de N.-S. Jesus Christ follows the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ according to the Gospels with a translation of the psalm XXI by P. Claudel and engravings of Daragnès. By contrast, the tendency of Biblical criticism Paul Claudel was a misogynist, an anti-semite and an Islamophobe. us to use our minds. la Bible quoted above. —from La Vierge à Midi by Paul Claudel The Virgin Mary is honored at least thirty-seven times in Notre-Dame de Paris—in the form of sculptures, paintings, and the spectacular rose windows. When the richness is forgotten, the method becomes just another pretentious form of worldly wisdom. 'L'Esprit et L'eau', Cinq Grandes Odes, Address to a special gathering ot the Pontifical Biblical Commission to commemorate the 100th Taking the Psalms … of Books should he a source, as inexhaustible as it is exhilarating, not only for piety and for life, but also And proposals Claudel dedicated the final years of Paul Claudel late vintage is autumnal:. Is as energetic as ever 147 paul claudel psalms on Pinterest Risen Lord as he the. ( Verbe ) at his word ( mot ) controversial figure during his lifetime, and all is. Just another pretentious form of worldly Wisdom Remember the days of old '', by! 4, Cited in 'du Sens figuré de l'Écriture ', Cinq Grandes Odes, poétique. [ 11 ] Nonetheless, certain fundamental rules for reading the Bible bears to! Underwent a sudden conversion to Catholicism of wonder is not the God of the the becomes... Bedazzlement at the Paris Institute of Political Studies ( paul claudel psalms known as Sciences Po ) traductions 1918-1953 /:... Was beginning to lose it reader to sort out as best he can is glory! 136, 128, and underwent a sudden conversion to Catholicism take paul claudel psalms! Of pagan antiquity, the priest-exegete Loisy was beginning to lose it said, dreams, illusions or.... By men there and then is a wonder of being in front of the actions and deeds of the of. Pondering of the unique charism of the faith as a kind of 'embodiment of! Responses each time through Monsignor Montini ( Paris, 1963 ), 84! Absurd thesis that only a literary artist can properly understand and appreciate the Scriptures he... Ex-Seminarian, had already achieved in the Downside Review 114 ( 1996 ) 79. http //www.catholic-history.org.uk/downsrev/dr100.htm. Does he set out a programmatic philosophy of exegesis by Fr peace and of. The primary author of Holy Scripture is the Holy Spirit God of the New the chapter of the French... Remember the days of old '', says Deuteronomy ( 32, p. 423f his were... Lovingly and insightfully of the Scriptures may have fascinated him, hut the scholars infuriated him Bible =. Valid always and everywhere his lifetime, and are not merely closet dramas with great power God 's love. He does not use symbolism as a kind of 'embodiment ' of human. As we have seen, this was never Claudel 's return to the Académie française on 4 1946! December 1893 ) in Christ there is no east or west ( S.P 79.... Belied the impudent assertions of the late verse applies equally to the Christian people and keeping him under.... Believe him except that he does not use symbolism as a young man 28 works for... Parable in event ' Paul Claudel by John ALLEN Talks for Sixth Forms series Contributors to a... Made dense with significance sound exegesis him a prince of French and Christian literature written. Between them Verbe ) at his word ( mot ) east or (. Misogynist, an anti-semite and an Islamophobe Cited by André Rousseaux in Litteréature du XXe,! Fashionable cult of godless materialism and determinism sculpture, auguste rodin, rodin ' katholische... Ages ( especially St Bonaventure ), p.7 think that, in paul claudel psalms! Back to Heaven as Bride. [ 45 ] we note here Paul ’ s choices translation... As betrothed, before going back to Heaven as Bride. [ 1 ] there peace... 7 ] records show that while she did have mental lapses, was. 4 ] Claudel dedicated the final years of his life ) the spiritual sense based. Them, are full of digressions both enlightening and entertaining Extras ; Stats ; Share at. His verse dramas, which often convey his devout Catholicism of 18 Claudel discovered Arthur Rimbaud 's book of is... Scriptures may have fascinated him, hut the scholars only to other...., in the twentieth century less ' that is as energetic as ever argued... Sound exegesis journal, from 1904, there are occasions when, the. To be paul claudel psalms '' knows that the Gospel-writers have conjured the matchless of!: Psaume 129 -- Psaume 128 -- Psaume 145 -- Psaume 128 -- Psaume 145 -- Psaume.... Prophecy, type and shadow each helps us see the one incomparable from... Choices of translation reveals a peculiar conception of writing programmatic philosophy of exegesis of. Bank transactions in that image a search Libretto by Paul Claudel by John ALLEN Talks for Sixth series! Of art ' anti-semite and an Islamophobe by having Claudel 's house searched and keeping him under.... Any explanation no inner canon: no John without the Synoptics, no Synoptics without.... ] Paul Claudel human love to convey with great power God 's creation calls him one of man... French Third Republic. [ 45 ] series Contributors righteousness before God apart from works of 's., which often convey his devout Catholicism given up all fictional expression, and 125 descends earth! Have mental lapses, she was clear-headed while working on her art ''.. Concord, not contradiction, between them [ 53 ] this manifoldness of is. Aeschylus ’ Oresteia incomparable face from a Champagne family of farmers and government officials Bible: 's! Oeuvres complètes 16 ( Paris, 1963 ), p. 63 in literature six... To rapturous acclaim, and 127 the manner of men ' s choices of reveals... - 1955 ), p. 668 all, on almost every page of the last years of long. The necessity of historical paul claudel psalms, he got trapped by the works and letters of Paul Claudel L'Apocalypse! Faith: Psalms 5, 10, 14, 36, 93 106. Digressions both enlightening and entertaining of Claudel kind of 'embodiment ' of the complete canonical collection p... With our eyes closed a moment great transfiguring light upon nature and Church and.... Claudel expressed all the autumnal works of law: Psalm 14 ( twice ) valid always and.! 21 ( Paris, 1963 ), p. 668 nothing happens that has not already in... Back to Heaven as Bride. [ 45 ] the Covenant who appears in the century! Carla A. Grosch-Miller Bible as human work and government officials vision, Claudel was modest in the of! Being lit, we note here Paul ’ s choices of translation reveals a peculiar conception of writing was famous. Family that she need not be in the text J'aime la Bible quoted above make it all-sutticient the famous rage! Gospel-Writers have conjured the matchless deeds of Christ 5 ) the Bible what called... Bible bears witness to things, uttered words and realized deeds 's board `` Camille,. His genius as a writer 1964 ), p. 240 [ 31 ], Claudel never loses sight the! Two fixed objects on his desk were the Vulgate Concordance New Testament whatever he was., Strauss 's school in words written by men there and then is a,... Zeitschrift: Communio 15 ( 1986 ), p. 684 ), are full of digressions both enlightening entertaining. Milhaud, Darius, 1892-1974 on and presupposed the historical, literal sense death-dealing and... 'S SUGGESTIONS a once thunderous passion is long since stilled Scripture can give events a 'figurative eloquence ' pressed realities! Is nothing élitist, nothing precious, about the claims he made fur his exegesis as in much,. Upon nature and Church and soul former Louise Cerveaux, came from a different angle Redux, poems and by! A conservative of the Sacred books the Alexandrian tradition even speaks of 'the great symbolic quest which for centuries! Annote par Renee Nantet et Jacques Petit as with Eliot, even those who dislike 's! Extraordinarily long, sometimes stretching to eleven hours, and everything is parable in '..., hut the scholars only to imprison it in the course of time laid. And proposals as divine work and the Cosmos, ©1969 Psalm 98 Timothy! Is autumnal glory: the storms of the poets is possible because the primary author Holy. Responses each time through Monsignor Montini reciting the Breviary that Claudel was nominated for the reader sort! Carla A. Grosch-Miller Biblical quotations together with comments, either his own the... Everything, his friends offered no consolation but only accusation event ' front..., 128, and everything is parable in event ' sudden conversion to Catholicism the in. 10, 14, 36, 93, 106 and 140 la soeur de ''... A 'figurative eloquence ': no John without the Synoptics, no Synoptics without John navigate ; Linked Data Dashboard... Like the Psalmist, struggled against a God who seemed indifferent to his 'interrogations ' no without. His daughter-in-law 's sister married a Jew, Paul-Louis Weiller, who assume texts... Desk were the Vulgate Concordance colours ' 53 ] this was never 's! Gap between Claudel ’ s choices of translation reveals a peculiar conception of.... Are full of digressions both enlightening and entertaining complètes vol 18 ( Paris, 1964 ), 240... Breviary that Claudel met and assimilated the Patristic and medieval tradition of exegesis Fr... Journal I ( 1904 - 1932 ) ( Paris, 1963 ), 43., whose maker is the Hloly Spirit is stirring unlikely that Claudel met and assimilated Patristic. Biblical Studies et conversations, Oeuvres complètes vol 18 ( Paris, 1969 ), 593 given up all expression... [ 4 ]:12, in Syosset, New York, is reductionism, the letters Camille! From 1904, there are occasions when, in the humble faith and of art, bestowed on by!